Group Fitness Classes.

Group fitness classes are a great way to reach your personal fitness goals and make friends for life along the way!  The group fitness setting welcomes all types of students, from those taking their very first class, to those taking their fifth or sixth class that week.  Class participants build a strong camaraderie for the overall environment and look forward to seeing familiar and smiling faces on a regular basis.  Group classes include everything from high-intensity Spin or Step to strength classes like Sculpt or Barre to classes that build mind-body awareness and core strength, like Yoga.

There’s a wide selection of classes to choose from, so no matter if you wake up bright and early feeling energized, or even had a long day at the office, there’s a class for you.  Even if you have been taking group fitness classes for years, classes and instructors/trainers change, and it’s healthy to mix things up and try out new classes regularly.  Always be sure to get to know your class instructor or trainer, and be sure to confidentially share any health issues or concerns that he or she should be aware of for your safety.